Nadeen van Niekerk


Nadeen van Niekerk is a passionate, never give up person who is a wonderful mother and wife. She has a deep love for teenagers and she has a phenomenal ability to deeply connect with Student. She loves being different and understands a child’s need to be their own person. Nadeen enjoys animation and superheroes because she feels that the imagination is something extremely important.  She is entering her fifth year at Boston Private and goes home with a happy heart and a tired body every day. Living life to the fullest as the principal of Boston Private School. This was what we found out in our interview:

What is your philosophy on Education? “Everyone deserves an education. No learner should be left behind. Teaching is a passion and it is something you do because you want to change the world. It is a calling and can never be approached as a job. “

What do you love about Boston? “Boston allows me to be me. This is a school where the learners are accepted for who they are. Where I could care enough to take time to mould and build beautiful young people. Not just teach, mark and forget but care, love and educate and bring everlasting change.”

What sets Boston apart? “Boston is a home. I am the mother and these learners are my babies. Boston will fight for them and make sure that they are taken care of emotionally and academically.” Says Nadeen

Tell us about the Academics at Boston. “Boston works with the Department of Education. We have small classes and give individual support to all our learners. We have support classes every day to help and support the learners who need it and we have a support facilitator on site to have one on one sessions with learners who require it. In 2021 we will also incorporate and Occupational Therapist, a Speech and Language therapist and an Art therapist.  We work together as a team. Teachers and learners work collaboratively and this helps us to achieve greatness.”